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You’re never too old to go out and find your passion!

Hi, my name is Vera, I am 50 years old, married with 4 kids who happen to be teenagers, YIKES!!! and boy, life can definitely be busy which I’m sure a lot of you can relate to!

Working in the Restaurant Industry for many years, I knew I needed a change, so I decided to take the plunge and try something new!

I took a simple furniture painting Class and that was it... I was hooked, I knew what I wanted to do!

I have always dabbled in interior design and love the decor industry, so this was totally up my alley! it’s true what they say... When one door closes... another one will open! So... here I am speaking to you, letting you know that I love what I do, taking old pieces of furniture and bringing new life back to them... it’s like they’re saying... thank you for keeping me around a little longer ....lol. !!

I’m excited to continue my passion with so much positive energy going forward and my inspiration is to create and share new pieces and decor items which I hope will help beautify and enhance a room in your home...!


Monday - Closed
Tuesday: 10am - 4pm
Wednesday: 10am - 4pm
Thursday: 10am - 4pm
Friday: 10am - 4pm
Saturday: 10am - 4pm
Sunday: Closed
1400 Pelham St.
Fonthill, Ontario L0S 1E5
(905) 941-5983
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